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My kryptonite as a business owner is that I’ve never been a very salesy person. I just want what’s best for my clients and sometimes what’s best is not breaking the bank. But albums are a product I believe in passionately! Your wedding album should be more than some shares on social media. It’s an heirloom; something that will be enjoyed for generations. You will never regret investing in your memories.

wedding photo album
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The Dayley Photography Wedding Book is a 10 x 10 lay-flat album with extensive choices in cover and design options. Covers come in a variety of colors as pictured and can be customized with text or images that express your unique style.

Your album will be designed thoughtfully by Dayley Photography and you will proof and approve before printing to ensure the album is perfectly you. The albums are hand-crafted in the USA and, best of all, come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. It truly is a product that will stand the test of time.

Albums aren’t just for weddings! Custom albums may also be created for your family or portrait session as well. Various sizes available.

Wedding photo album
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10x10 Linen Album

Basic albums are 25 spreads (50 pages) and incorporate about 80 images. You will have the option to select your own images for the album or leave it to the expert to choose for you! 

10x10 Linen/Leather Cover$1200

Additional Spreads $30 each


Parent Albums

Parent albums are duplicates of the main album with the same images, design and cover but are an 8x8 size. A main album must be in included with the purchase of parent albums.

  • 8x8 Duplicate Design$700
  • Unique Design$950

Additional Spreads $30 each

Digital Files

The finished digital files include the final edits from the wedding as well as any additional sessions. The quantity of images is approximated based on hours of coverage and number of photographers and will be discussed with you during your free consultation session.


Print purchases are available through your client gallery.  You can share your gallery with family and friends to make it easy for them to purchase their favorite images and have their order shipped directly to them. 

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