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Engagement Photography

In case you are questioning whether you need an engagement session, let me talk you into it! These sessions are so important.

Why Engagement Sessions Are Essential

Your engagement session is an opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know each other. It’s actually practice for your wedding day. I learn so much from a couple during their session. I learn if they fall into poses naturally or if they need a lot of direction. I learn about their relationships to their bodies and their comfort level with public affection. I learn what images they like when they make their selections and what to avoid or lean into on their wedding day. And my clients get a feel for how I work, my personality and ultimately what kind of work they can expect from me.


"Your photos make me so happy!! Can’t thank you enough, you are a true talent!"

– Aliya S

engagement photo of a couple on a beach

These images are timeless!

As much as you may love your wedding photos, after a few years you may take those images down from the wall and tuck them away (ps – this is why you should get an album), but your engagement photos are a better example of your personality and style. They are highly customizable. I encourage you to pick a location that is special to you in some way. Think about where you met, or where you first kissed, or where you first knew your boo was the one. Let’s have some fun with this!

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Let's Make Some Magic!

Do you have the perfect e-session spot in mind? Or do you need to brainstorm? Either way, let’s make some magic!

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