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Curvy Photographer

Curvy, plus size, fat – however you identify, you are in the right place! Welcome to a new world where we step out of the shadows and stand in the spotlight. I started Curvy Photographer out of frustration. I was so tired of getting my headshot taken by photographers who didn’t understand how to photograph plus size women. They were either inexperienced or they didn’t take the time or care they did with their street size clients. We deserve better and I’m here to be better for you!

You are Beautiful Right Now

Curvy Photographer is a judgment free zone. I love my body positive clients who show up ready to flaunt and shine. But I also welcome with open arms those who need a bit more direction and encouragement. There can be so much trauma associated with being plus size and all the emotions of seeing ourselves in photos. My only goal is for you to be happy with your images and walk away feeling seen and taken care of.


"Robin made me feel so comfortable that my normally shy self actually enjoyed our photoshoot! And you can see that in the photos! I'm so happy with them, thank you Robin!"

– Steph


Want to see More?

If a plus size knowledgeable photographer has been what you needed in life, please check out my Curvy Photographer site and you are going to want to read my article about Plus Size Photo Sessions on The Curvy Fashionista!

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I've never worked with a client exactly like you before! I can't wait to chat about what I can do for you!

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