Makeup Tips for that Wedding Day Glow


Wedding day makeup plays a big part in how your wedding photography turns out. There may be more to think about than you realize, beginning with skin care months before your nuptials. I recently checked in with my favorite makeup genius, Antonella, to get some great advice for you. Here’s what she had to say:

How do you pick the perfect Makeup Artist for your wedding day?

I know this process can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many great artists doing bridal makeup. The best and most reliable referrals will come from your friends that have already been through the process of planning a wedding. Ask your friends and colleagues who did their makeup and for their contact info. Of course, you can always do a google search as well. This will also show reviews and testimonials for you to see and help you make your choice. I know Instagram is the thing now but I would strongly recommend checking out the artist’s website as well. This will give you much more insight into the artist as a business professional and a place for you to view a full portfolio and resume.

Trial Consultations, although optional, are pivotal in choosing the right artist for your wedding day. It’s the perfect way for you to really see their work, see if you are a personality match and how they conduct their business in person. It is perfectly fine to have a trial with more than one artist. A trial consultation almost always guarantees your day will be much less stressful and you can just relax and get pampered.

What should brides do to prep their skin before their wedding day?

Having beautiful, glowing, balanced skin always begins from the inside out. Getting enough hydration everyday by drinking half your body weight in ounces is the best way to start. Beginning months before your wedding day, you definitely would want to work closely with an esthetician who can help you assess your skin concerns and develop the best daily skincare regime for you, including regular facials or light peels if necessary. 

Be sure to lay off any major skin treatments a few weeks before the wedding. You don’t want to aggravate your skin too close to the big day. Your makeup artist should have some good referrals for a skincare specialist that you can work with.

If you are in the San Diego area, my go-to girl is Ashley from Sugar and Sand Spa who can help you with any of your skincare needs.

What should the bride expect when creating her makeup timeline?

It takes months to plan a wedding and get everything in the perfect order. When planning your schedule for the day you always want to have a little buffer of time. Along with your coordinator and photographer, your makeup artist should be a part of planning the timeline for hair and makeup. Typically for the bride, if you’ve had a trial done, you should plan to have about one hour for your makeup application and about one hour and 15 mins without a trial. Each additional person would need about 45 mins. I always schedule at least 30 mins for final touch ups after the bride is complete.

What are the best makeup looks for the wedding day?

In my opinion, a Classic Beauty makeup is the best look to go for on your wedding day. You want to look like the absolute best version of yourself with a little added glam. I am a huge fan of Airbrush foundation for the wedding day. It has great natural coverage, will last all day, looks flawless in photos and feels lightweight and great on the skin. I feel it’s best to avoid anything too heavy or trendy. Going super trendy, or a heavier makeup look, all depends on the individual. You not only want to look great in the photos but also in person. Years from now, you want to look back on your wedding photos and still love how you looked. That’s why a trial consultation is so important. That is the time to work with your Makeup Artist to determine what will work best for you.

What are your tips for a longer lasting makeup?

Your wedding day is not only one of the best days of your life but also the absolute longest! Having your makeup done professionally will make a huge difference in how your makeup looks and to help it last longer but what can you do to guarantee the longevity of your makeup after your artist is gone for the rest of the day? 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind for your wedding day:

After you apply your skincare, make sure to apply a lightweight sunscreen. It will be a long day and once makeup is done the only way to reapply sun protection is with a loose powder that contains SPF.

Oil can break down makeup so using a loose powder or a pressed powder if preferred, will help to maintain the foundation and the look of your skin throughout the day.

Waterproof mascara is a must! The one single product that can ruin everything is mascara. There are sure to be tears of joy that day so why risk it.

Lips- There are many options now for long lasting lip products. Totally depends on your preference as far as texture. You can use a long wear liquid lipstick or you can apply lip liner in the color of your choice to the entire lip, which will create a stain of color and then top it off with lipstick or gloss. 

If you feel that you need to add a little color to your cheeks, you can apply a little lipstick (traditional lipstick, not long wear) to your fingertip and blend onto the apple of your cheeks. A little goes a long way so be gentle in your application.

What do you recommend for brides looking for clean beauty options?

In this time of awareness and awakenings, so much more information is being revealed to us. With evidence linking certain chemicals being used to so many illnesses and autoimmune diseases, the Beauty industry is finally taking a stand and demanding standards for better, safer ingredients. There are many brands now that are consciously creating products with cleaner alternatives for everyone. Beautycounter is one of the leaders in the Cleaner, Safer Beauty Movement. That’s why I have chosen to endorse their products and their mission to clean up the beauty industry. 

These products are not only safe and clean but also high performing and high quality. Skincare is beautiful and luxurious yet affordable and the color line is long lasting and lots of pigment which is very important for me as an artist.

They have also created “The Never List”, which is a list of 1800 ingredients that you should avoid in products because they are considered not safe to use. Whether you shop with Beautycounter or any other brand it is a great reference tool when searching for new products.

Let’s not forget the men on this important day. What advice do you have for men in terms of their skin and grooming?

Just as I mentioned earlier for the brides, it’s important to address any skin concerns a couple of months before the wedding day. Using a daily face wash, moisturizer and sunscreen are just as important for men to keep skin clean, hydrated and protected. You will be photographed just as much as the ladies that day so to avoid tired and dehydrated skin, you definitely want to drink lots of water in the days leading up to the wedding as well as moisturizer the morning of. 

If you have any blemishes or skin concerns the day of the wedding, it is perfectly fine to arrange for the makeup artist to apply a light foundation and powder for coverage if needed. 

Men with facial hair and beards have so many great options now for grooming products. If you are going to rock a beard, get it trimmed and groomed the day before and use a beard oil to keep hair conditioned and smooth. Don’t forget your brows! Keep longer, unruly eyebrow hairs trimmed and brushed to complete your look. 

Your barber or esthetician can recommend the right products for you. If you are interested in products that are clean and toxic chemical free, one of my favorite brands mentioned earlier Beautycounter now has a men’s grooming line including face lotion, body wash and beard oil.

If you’d like to work with Antonella on your wedding day and to learn more, check out her website at


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