A Reintroduction


Welcome to my reintroduction post! I’m Robin Dayley. I’m a photographer, dog mom, and true crime enthusiast. I believe in getting involved in community and participating in our democracy. I’m a high-functioning introvert who wants to make the absolute best dish at your potluck. Anything else you want to know, just ask!

Why a reintroduction? This past year has been a rebuilding year for me, both personally and professionally. After almost 20 years of amazing life in beautiful San Diego, I returned to my home state of Pennsylvania. I constantly get asked why I would trade in sunny California for this place. The short answer is, it was just time. A friend of mine who made a similar move a few years before me described it as “a season of life”, and that’s exactly how I see it. This is my season to be closer to my family and to my soul friends who have always been in my heart but just too far from my address.

But also, let’s give this lovely corner of Pennsylvania some credit. When I arrived in October, I was absolutely giddy with the fall foliage and had some serious FOMO that I wasn’t able to book sessions fast enough in some of the gorgeous parks around me. Then it followed up with the most perfect holiday season. The town of West Chester where I’m currently based knows how to do Christmas the right way – parades, concerts, light displays and a festive spirit that just hits a bit differently than a west coast holiday.

So, here I am! Ready to get to know my new town and the nearby city of Philadelphia. It’s exciting to explore new areas to photograph. I can’t wait to do cherry blossom sessions at Everhart Park and Marshall Square Park in West Chester. I’ll be shooting graduation sessions at nearby West Chester University. And you can bet I’m going to be seeking out couples getting married at the Parque Ridley Creek – holy dream venue!

This is just scratching the surface though, so it’s time for me to get to work building my local portfolio. I’ll be offering photography services in Philly and surrounding suburbs, as well as New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Both Dayley Photography and Curvy Photographer welcome clients of all ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, abilities, sizes and ages. So whatever you photography needs, I’m here for you!

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Header: Jennifer Dery

Beach Images: MKL Images


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