5 Things Your Photographer Wants You To Know While Planning Your Wedding


I get it! Wedding planning is a lot of work.Thinking ahead about your wedding photography might not register as a big priority. But a little forethought can make a big difference with how your gallery turns out. So, here are 5 tips for better photos to keep in mind while planning your nuptials:

TIME – Make sure you allow plenty of time for photos. In my experience there are two points throughout the day where your wedding-day timeline could fall behind.

The first happens early with hair and makeup. To be on the safe side, add about 45 minutes to the time frame quoted by your hair and makeup team. You want to make sure you have time for those stunning images of you getting into your dress or suit.

The second is during the family photos. Despite my best efforts at planning, there always seems to be family members who go astray and have to be hunted down for family portraits, which inevitably takes time away from the couple portraits. To help prevent this, provide your photographer with a detailed list of family groupings ahead of time and assign a friend or family member to be in charge of pulling them together. The more efficiently you can get through these groupings, the more time your photographer will have to create stunning portraits for you!

Also consider planning a first look where you see your partner before the ceremony. While many couples feel that this breaks with tradition, it’s a great way to have your couple and family portraits done in a more relaxed way. Some clients are even opting to do a more personal version of their vows during this time. As an introvert myself, I love this choice for my more anxious couples. Then the time after the ceremony can be spent enjoying your cocktail hour which most couples tend to miss completely with traditional planning.

LIGHT – All of those amazing wedding images you see all have one thing in common and that’s great lighting. Consider the light at every single location. If you are getting ready in a hotel, ask them for the room with the most natural light. If you are getting married in a church, consider how much light comes through the windows. Most church officiants don’t allow flash during your ceremony so your photographer will have to shoot using natural light. While this is doable, your images may have a more “grainy” effect, which is just something you should be aware of. Discuss your timeline with your photographer and ask for suggestions. You want soft light for your portraits, which usually happens about 45 minutes before sunset. If it’s not possible to schedule your photos during this “golden hour” or if you are doing a first look, search for large areas of shade where the photos can be taken. If you have any questions about the lighting at your desired location, don’t hesitate to ask your photographer how they will handle it!

DETAILS – Don’t ignore your details, they really make a difference in your images, especially if you have interest in having your wedding featured on a wedding blog. Details like a pretty hanger for your gown, matching bridesmaid robes, pretty boxes for rings and shoes can all make your wedding photos pop. If you’ve sent out beautiful invitations, bring a copy along for your photographer to style and capture. This is a detail wedding blogs love. But above all, your details should be expressive of who you are. Bringing personality to your little touches is what makes our little photographer hearts pitter patter and inspires creativity.

ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS – Even if you aren’t planning to use the photos for your invitations, don’t pass on this important session. First off, you might find that you don’t care to have a giant portrait of yourself on your wedding day hanging on your wall for a long period of time. The engagement photos are more representative of your look and personality and will have more of a shelf life. More importantly, the session is a trial run for you and your photographer. This is when they get to know you as a couple and see how you perform in front of a camera. It’s also a chance for you to get to know them and be comfortable with having them in your personal space on your wedding day. Plus you can review the images with your photographer and let them know what you liked and didn’t like about certain poses or angles so they know exactly what to shoot on your big day!

LET’S SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION – With more than 15 years of wedding experience, I can answer any situational question you might have about your wedding photography. During your consult, I can troubleshoot any possible issues in your timeline and make suggestions about how to best make use of the natural light and your contract time. I provide wedding photography in the greater Philadelphia area and suburbs, as well as New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. My passport is fully up to date for those of you planning a destination soiree!







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